I'm not always here because of the med school situation but i always check my askbox at least once a day.

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my  b e s t  friend.

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One of my friends was upset about pictures that came up and I was like, ‘‘Look at the pictures of me’’. I googled ‘Jennifer Lawrence ugly’. Closed the laptop. Never opened it again.

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Everything ends. Even prison. Try to focus on that.

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"When I was 8, someone in school asked us to draw heaven. I drew California with a swimming pool, a limo, and french fries." Emmy Rossum for Cosmopolitan

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Anonymous asked: your husband seems like a dick kill him. also does ghosts still exist?



he is a dick and killing him is on my list, but he’s attractive so i’m going to get one more kid out of him

i’m not sure on the ghost front, i guess we’ll find out after i kill my husband and put his gravestone in my backyard 


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That’s the thing, I always assumed that for me Hollywood was so far out of reach that I’d never even get considered to be in a film. I left drama school thinking I was going to play tree number three on the left, at best the RSC [Royal Shakespeare Company]. I’ve been very blessed and lucky. I think all of a sudden you do very quickly realize that these God-like people are actually just very normal human beings. [10-11]

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person: i hate cats
me: what the fuck
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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau photographed by Rainer Hosch

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